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Frozen Mont Blanc Cake Purple Sweet Potato 4 cakes/box


Enjoy restaurant quality desserts in your own home! Named after a mountain that sits between the borders of France and Italy, the Mont Blanc is a delicious and wonderfully rare dessert. Originally topped with a sweetened chestnut puree, the Mont Blanc cake has become popular in recent years and now incorporates new ingredients like purple sweet potato. The light and airy sweet potato cream has a delicious and mild sweetness that will have you tempted for seconds. Simply bring to room temperature and serve.


• Ingredients: White Bean Paste (White Bean, Sugar, Sugar Syrup, Agar, Salt), Soy Whipped Cream (Palm Oil, Soy Milk, Millet Jelly, Soybean Flour, Emulsifier , Sodium Citrate, Acetylated Distarch Adipate), Processed Purple Potato (Sweet Potato, Sugar, Millet Jelly), Egg, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Emulsifier (Vegetable Oil, Millet Jelly, Dextrin, Milk Protein, Emulsifier), Cocoa Powder, Millet Jelly, Milk Mix (Skim Milk Powder, Whey Powder, Rapeseed Oil, Lactose, Milk Protein), Maltose, Thickener (Xanthan Gum, Tara Gum, Agar, Glucose ), Black Sesame, Baked Sweet Potato Flavor.
• Contains: Milk, Egg, Wheat. Soybean
• Net Weight: 8.46oz (240g), 4 pieces/box
• Manufacturer: Goyo Shokuhin
• Product of Japan

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