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Collapsible Charcoal Chimney Fire Starter


Using a charcoal chimney starter is a quick and efficient way to light binchotan, ogatan and lump charcoal. Charcoal is placed inside the tall steel cylinder and rests on a grate shelf at the base of the starter. The charcoal is surrounded by plenty of vents to generate upward airflow throughout the starter. Kindle is placed underneath the starter and lit to begin the ignition process. After about 20 minutes the charcoal is ready to be transferred into a konro grill. You can also keep some of the lit embers inside the starter and just add more fresh charcoal which will ignite even faster.

This high capacity charcoal chimney starter is collapsible, easy to setup and holds approximately 3lbs-4lbs of 6"- 7" length binchotan and ogatan charcoal.


• Body size when assembled (approx): 9.05 width X 9.84depth x 11.02 height (23cm width X 25cm depth X 28cm height)
• Collapsed size (approx): 7.67 width X 11.02 height X 2.16thick (19.5 width× 28 height × 5.5cm thick)
• Weight (approx.): 1.7 kg 3.74 lbs.
• Materials: Body: Galvanized steel plate, mesh plate, handle: Iron (chrome plating)
• Country of origin: China

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