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Charcoal Konro Grill with Brass Medium 18" x 10"


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This is a compact and simple charcoal grill made with *diatomaceous earth, which is a natural material that optimizes heat retention.

Grilling will add smokey flavors to your food that cannot be obtained from other cooking methods. The far infrared rays (and high temperature) that the charcoal (Binchotan) emits leads to faster cooking (reaches deep inside) and the umami of the food (especially meat) will remain instead of dripping out. The high temperature will result in a crisp and golden exterior with a juicy inside for meat.

Use the two ventilation windows to control the air flow and heat level.

*Diatomaceous earth

There are roughly 2 manufacturing methods for table top konro grills, a tempering method and a cutting method. The tempering process is a method of packing diatomaceous earth into a mold and pressing it. The cutting process is a method of cutting natural deposits of diatomaceous from the earth and shaving them into the shape. Thanks to the development of the tempering method, mass production became possible and inexpensive konro grill were supplied extensively. On the other hand, grills that are cut from natural deposits are lighter and have a more consistent material when compared to grills made from the tempering method. The cutting method is highly regarded as for being more durable which is why we continue to produce grills using the cutting method.


• Material: Diatomaceous earth and Brass, Galvanized Iron Plate (grill net)
• Dimensions:
  18" x 10" x 9" ht (45cm x 25cm x 22.5cm ht)
  15" x 7.5" (38cm × 19cm) of cooking surface area
  17.75" x 9.75" of mesh wire dimension
• Weight: 19.00 LB
• For approximately 4 people
• Comes with detachable 2 charcoal fire grates for better airflow and easy to clean

Spare Grill Net

Grill Net for Charcoal Konro

Cast Iron Fire Starter Pot

To ignite the charcoal, it is recommended to use Cast Iron Fire Starter Pot on the gas stovetop. (Please do not use it on portable butane stoves.)

Cast Iron Fire Starter Pot

Cast Iron Fire Starter Pot

Collapsible Charcoal Chimney Fire Starter

Collapsible Charcoal Chimney Fire Starter

• Please keep in mind that burning charcoal will produce carbon monoxide so this grill should only be used in well ventilated kitchens and areas.
• Please place a wooden mat or other heat resistant mat under the grill since the bottom will reach high temperatures.
• Please do not distinguish the fire with water. Diatomaceous earth absorbs water, and becomes brittle and loses it durability.

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