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Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set Sakura Bloom



• Matcha Bowl - Ceramic ( Hagi Ware ), Whisk & Scoop - Bamboo

• 5.11" dia x 2.55" ht

-Matcha Bowl
-Matcha Scoop
-Chasen Tea Whisk (80 Pong)

Called a matcha-wan, these ceramic large tea cups or bowls are typically used to make match green tea (with matcha powder and a chasen whisk).

From matcha lovers to people who are not already a matcha fan, this matcha gift set is the perfect gift or starter kit, and contains all of the necessary tools to enjoy matcha at home.

This matcha bowl is Hagi style glazed, which is characterized by a thick milky glaze with pink tones.

* Please be advised that each individual piece has a slightly unique design and color variation and may look slightly different from the photo