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Black x Deep Green Ripple Oribe Small Bowl Kobachi 4 fl oz / 3.23"dia


Aesthetic appeal in traditional Japanese cuisine has always played a vital role, and the choice of tableware is just as important as the choice of ingredients. While a lot of other cuisines prefer a plain white canvas, Japanese chefs use plates, bowls, glasses, serving utensils and chopsticks to enhance and complement the presentation of food.

This kobachi (which literally means "small bowl"), is typically used to serve appetizers in Japanese cuisine. Mix and match a variety of these small bowls to serve tapas portions.

Mino Ware is is one of the most famous types of Japanese pottery, and high-fired ware produced in the Seto and Mino areas of Gifu Prefecture (West side of Japan), originated in the late 16th century.


Material: Ceramic ( Mino Style / Oribe )
Dimensions: 3.23"dia x 2"ht (8.2cm dia x 5cm ht)
• Capacity: 4 fl oz / 118 ml
• Weight: 0.28 lb

* Please be advised that each individual piece has a slightly unique design and color variation and may look slightly different from the photo

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