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Beige Uchiwa Fan with Wooden Handle 9.8" x 14.4"



• Material: Paper (Washi), Bamboo
• Dimensions: 9.8" x 14.4" (25 cm x 36.5 cm)
• Made in Japan

Kurikawa Shoten who produce this fan (Uchiwa) is the only workshop that inherits the traditions counted in the three major production areas of fans together with Marugame in Kyoto. By applying persimmon astringency to the fan, it makes the Japanese paper durable and effective for insect repellent. This fan is only made in Kumamoto prefecture and is said to plays a role of prospering in the sense that "customers come" and have been used as gifts as lucky charms. In the Meiji era, a brush shop, a tea shop, and a fan shop jointly invented a fan that could work on writing and use in a tea room and was used regularly in the tea room of the Hosokawa family. This fan is also used for a fan when grilling yakitori on charcoal grills. This style is very authentic in Japanese Yakitori Izakaya.

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