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Bamboo 2-Tier Steamer



Steaming is an ideal method of cooking for those who are health conscious because less nutrients are lost than with boiling. It is also a relatively quick cooking process and gentle to delicate foods such as fish. The smaller sizes of these bamboo steamers are perfect for tabletop presentations as well. Place the food in the steamer with the lid on and place in a shallow pan around the same size with some water (and inch or two- you can always add more water as you go), then bring to a boil.


Material : Bamboo
Dimensions :
(Extra Small) 6" dia x 5.2" ht - 926621
(Small) 8" dia x 5.7" ht - 933191
(Medium) 10.25" dia x 6.4" ht - 919711
(Large) 12" dia x 6.8" ht - 919721

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