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Asahi Soft Cutting Board 0.25" Thickness



Wood-like Texture
This cutting board (Manaita) offers both excellent wood-like texture and sanitary scratch- resistance. It's easy to wash and dries quickly to stay clean.

Asahi rubber is one of the highest quality rubbers in Japan and is ideal for cutting boards because the softness and elasticity is gentle on knife blades. The cutting board has a significant impact on knife edge durability, even more so than the food itself. It is affordable for its quality because it is only 0.25 inch thick, and you can simply place it over another cutting board if you want a higher cutting board surface.


Material: Synthetic Rubber. This is softer than regular Asahi Rubber.
Place on top of a regular cutting board when doing fine prep and cuts
• (Size 1) 19.68" x 12.99" x 0.27" (50cm x 33cm x 0.7cm) : SKU# 91535
• (Size 2) 31.49" x 12.99" x 0.27" (80cm x 33cm x 0.7cm) : SUK# 91534

Asahi Rubber Regular Cutting Board (0.75" thick) is available here. (which is used as a regular cutting boad)

Care and Cleaning

• Use a scrubber or a crush with a neutral detergent to wash and wipe off the water and dry it. It is effective in preventing mold and darkening. Also bleach is effective for removing stubborn grime. We recommend to use the bleach that contains disinfectant (Use household bleach available in stores).
• Use Cutting Board Scraper to erases tough spots, yellowing, molds, grooves and feathering from the surface of your cutting board.


• Do not use or store at temperatures over 194°F (90°C) or below -22°F (-30°C).
• Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer.
• Warping and deformation may occur when weight is applied over a long period at high temperature. If that happens, heat the board to about 176°F (80°C), place it on a flat surface, place something heavy on top and let it cool.

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