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Ainagashi Blue Earthy Serving Plate 11.15" dia


The Ainagashi series ceramics are a Mino-style ware from Gifu prefecture. Mino ware is one of the most famous types of Japanese pottery, with over 400 years of history.
These ceramics are thick and sturdy, with a rustic design, but the glaze gives it an elegant touch. With a textured indigo glaze over the brown background, the Ainagashi tableware invokes images of nature.


• Material: Ceramics (Mino Ware)
• Dimensions: 11.15" dia x 1.57" ht (28.3cm d x 4cm ht)
• Weight: 2.29 lbs

Please be aware that these bowls are dishwasher safe but we highly recommend that you wash them by hand.

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