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9.5" Disposable Yoshino Japanese Cypress Chopsticks Bundled - 50 Pairs / Pack


These are one of the highest quality disposable chopsticks available in the market. Made of carefully selected Yoshino Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), the trees are not harvested for the purposes of constructing chopsticks; rather, the chopsticks are made from offcuts at the mill which are not appropriately sized for construction material or other uses so as to minimize waste of this precious wood. Hinoki is traditionally used in Japanese bathhouses and temples and exudes a pleasant aroma when wet and it is naturally antibacterial. These chopsticks are hexagonally-shaped, polished and pre-separated with a paper band around them. Since they are pre-separated and polished there are no splinters. These chopsticks are sold naked and chopstick bags may be purchased separately if desired.

Hinoki is a soft, porous wood and are ideal in situations where extra texture and grip are desired, but the chopsticks are extra light as a result.


• Material: Japanese Cypress
• Dimensions: 9.5" (24cm) Length
• Hexagon tip
• 50 pairs/pack
• $0.50/pair
• Made in Japan

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