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9.5" Disposable Willow Chopsticks for Cerebration - 5 Pairs / Pack


"Chopsticks for Celebration" has both sides tips thinned, and are also called "double-chopsticks". That means that God and we share a meal, one side is for God and the other side is for us to use. Osechi cuisine is provided to Year God to pray for health and wealth in the year while celebrating New Year, after that we will have Osechi from God. (*Just because both can be used, it is taboo to turn over and pick up chopsticks.)
In order to avoid such important chopsticks from being cracked during celebrations, These chopsticks are made of Yanagi trees which is hard and durable. In addition, Yanagi is said to be a sacred tree cleaned with water, and it is said to be a congratulatory tree that buds in spring.


• Material: Hon-Yanagi, Willow
• Dimensions: 9.5" Length (24cm)
• 5 pairs/pack
• Approx. $0.44/pair
• Comes in sleeves


Category: Chopsticks, Disposables, Sold By Pack, Willow

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