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9.5" Disposable Cedar Chopsticks Bundled, Double Tips - 50 Pairs / Pack


These chopsticks are an eco-friendly option because in Japan, cedar trees are replanted as they are taken down. These are one of the highest quality disposable chopsticks available in the market: rather than being formed from separate cuttings of wood or pulp under pressure, these are shaved down from a single piece of cedar. These chopsticks are double-ended and come with a small paper band to keep them together as they come pre-separated, obviating the chance for splinters. These chopsticks are sold naked and chopstick bags may be purchased separately if desired.

Cedar is a soft, porous wood and are ideal in situations where extra texture and grip are desired, but the chopsticks are extra light as a result.


• Material: Cedar
• Dimensions: 9.5" (24cm) Length
• 50 pairs/pack
• $0.34/pair
• Made in Japan


Category: Cedar, Chopsticks, Disposables, Sold By Pack

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