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Premium Asian Food Delivery in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Fort Lee, New Jersey, has plenty of supermarkets to cater to those cooking Korean, Chinese, or Japanese food. However, no matter how close you may be to a Japanese food grocery, there is no guarantee that the store will have what you need in stock. So, rather than driving around the city, wasting time and gas to find that one elusive ingredient, be efficient and shop the easy way with MTC Kitchen Home NY.

MTC Kitchen Home offers Asian grocery delivery in Fort Lee, New Jersey. With a giant selection of the most-beloved ingredients products from all across Asia, you will always find what you’re looking for at MTC Kitchen. Save time and avoid in-person hassles by letting us ship your favorite food directly to your door!

It's All About Quality Meat

Meat makes the meal, and MTC Kitchen Home NY has some of the most difficult-to-find specialty cuts around. Treat yourself, your family, and guests to delicacies, such as a thick striploin steak of Miyazaki beef or sliced foie gras. If you’re looking to grocery shop for your everyday meals, we offer chicken skewers, and natural ground pork. We also have a range of meat options from Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu steak cuts to thinly sliced Sangenton pork belly. Because we are a direct food delivery service, you know that everything on our menu is fresh!

Seafood is Good Food

The delicate flavors of Japan's seafood dishes demand quality ingredients and the proper cooking technique. You'll have to master the cooking part on your own, but MTC Kitchen Home NY can provide some of the finest seafood you can find in Fort Lee, NJ. Try your hand at making nigiri sushi with amaebi (sweet shrimp) or impress your favorite vegetarian with a plant-based Vegan Zeastar Notuna Sashimi Imitation Tuna roll. Don't forget to stock up on plenty of sushi nori sheets, short-grain rice, and powdered sushi vinegar too!

Go Ahead and Get as Saucy as You Want

A bit of extra flavor can turn even a bland recipe into your new favorite meal. Luckily, MTC Kitchen Home NY carries a wide selection of Asia's favorite sauces and seasonings. Everyone should have a good artisan soy sauce, like the one made by Kishibori in their cupboard, along with a few boxes of  curry base to save time on meal prep. If you are someone who likes things on the hot side, then you owe it to yourself to try Yuzu Kosho Citrus Red Chili Paste for an addictively unique flavor combination.

Sweet and Savory Treats

There's almost an endless variety of sweet and savory Asian snacks, and MTC Kitchen Home NY carries all of the best. Find your favorites, like QBB Rokko Candy Cheese, or try Western-inspired Japanese desserts such as Mini Baked Green Tea Cheesecake. Those craving something salty should look into Funwari Meijin Rice Puff Snacks, which come in regular and cheese flavors.

The Perfect Cookware and Dinnerware

Cook and serve your Asian dishes the traditional way with authentic tableware and cooking equipment. MTC Kitchen Home NY offers everything from chopsticks to sake service sets that are sure to enhance your meals. Are you serious about cooking in the traditional style? Try your hand at using a real yakitori grill over all-natural ogatan charcoal briquettes or steaming in a bamboo 2-tier steamer basket.

Try MTC Kitchen Home NY Once, and You Won't Want to Shop Anywhere Else For Japanese Groceries

MTC Kitchen Home NY is the premier Asian supermarket near you. Order your Japanese groceries from the Asian food delivery service that thousands of customers just like you trust, MTC Kitchen Home NY.

When you buy from the online Japanese grocery store that New Jersey residents love, you can always depend on getting top-quality products and outstanding customer service. Our ordering process is simple, and our low minimums for free shipping mean that you can enjoy fast and friendly delivery without overpaying. Plus, your groceries will arrive directly to your doorstep packed neatly in one of our insulated boxes, so your delivery stays fresh.

Our customer service team is available to help you with your order and answer any questions or concerns. Discover your new favorite grocery store today.