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Toyo-Sasaki Textured Drinking Glass Tumbler 12.5 fl oz



Material: Glass (Toyo-Sasaki Glass)
Dimensions: 3.15" dia x 5.35" h (8cm dia x 13.6cm ht)
Capacity: 375 ml / 12.5 oz

Toyo-Sasaki is the leading glassware company in Japan, especially for restaurants and bars. Their craftmasters are endorsed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Every master requires at least 15 years of experience in one of the designated regional heritage crafts of Greater Tokyo and must be in active practice of the craft.

The authenticity, experience and passion of Certified Traditional Japanese Craftmasters are wholly incorporated and reflected into each of Toyo-Sasaki's hand-crafted glassware, which is why each Toyo-Sasaki hand-made glassware is so prestigious, extraordinary and unique.

This textured glass tumbler from Toyo-Sasaki reflects the nature and uniqueness, and it's ideal to be used for a drinking glass but also great size for any cold drinks such as Japanese sake, shochu, whiskey and any other liquor.

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