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Rice & Donburi Bowls

Asamoya Matte Ivory Kobachi Bowl with Indigo Rim 10 fl oz / 4.72" dia


With Asamoya matte texture, this stoneware creates a calm atmosphere and goes well with all cuisine and is easy to apply for any dishes. The size of fl oz is perfect for serving small portion such as appetizers or using a rice bowl (Gohan chawan).


• Material: Ceramics (Mino Ware)
• Dimensions: 4.72" dia x 2.36" ht (12 cm dia x 6 cm ht)
• Capacity: 295 ml / 10 fl oz (Filled to the brim)
• Weight: 0.43 lb


Please be aware that these bowls are dishwasher safe but we recommend that you wash them by hand to avoid worn away.

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