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Noodle Bowls

Ofuke Dark Blue Noodle Bowl 38 fl oz / 7.75" dia


Ofuke-yaki was originally produced in Nagoya, central Japan. Ofuke-yaki production started around 1670 and was under the patronage of the Owari Tokugawa lords. However Ofukei ware was expanded to Mino ware kilns to be produced and getting more popular ware. Ofuke ware is burned with the use of feldspar minerals and shows a transparent ash glaze. This exquisite colored bowl will be your beloved one.

This noodle bowl is typically used for serving noodle dishes such as ramen, soba, udon, but can also be used for stews and hearty soups.


• Material: Ceramic (Mino Ware / Hakuji Sendan)
• Dimensions: 7.75" dia x 3.46" ht (19.7cm dia x 8.8cm ht)
• Capacity: 1120 ml / 38 fl oz
• Weight: 1.74 lb

* Please be advised that each individual piece has a slightly unique design and color variation and may look slightly different from the photo