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Soba Choko Cups & Seiro Plates

Large Bamboo Zaru Soba Basket Plate 8.63" dia



Material: Bamboo
Dimensions: 8.63" dia
* Comes with bamboo lining (spare linings are sold separately)

This bamboo plate with a bamboo lining (or "sudare") is typically used for serving cold noodles such as soba or udon. It can also be used for tsuke-men (ramen). Place over another plate to prevent dripping.


Please note that the black spots present in the product photo are not mold, but discoloration from the growing conditions of the bamboo. These products are boiled and polished during production and have been totally sanitized. Residual black or brown spots are a part of the bamboo itself. These spots can sometimes occur from an excess of sunlight or nutrients such as salt as the bamboo grows.

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