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Nano Hone Metal Backing Plate with Adhesive



Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 8.27" x 2.95" x 0.4" (210 x 75 x 10 mm)

The Nanohone universal backing plate is a precision-machined aluminum base for sharpening stones that will fit all standard-sized holders as well as containing the machined peg holes in order to be compatible with the Nanohone stone stage. These plates come with a strip of acrylic adhesive to securely bond any stone to its surface. Thicker adhesive is available upon request which is intended for the irregular surface of natural whetstones. This stone base will also snap snugly into the Shapton Fielder Holder and Shapton Glass stone holder as well. We highly recommend securing a plate at minimum to your fine grit stones; these tend to be easier to crack and break and are also much more expensive on average than others. it's a good way to protect your investment.
The replacement of the adhesive tape is available here.

Nano Hone was founded by Harrelson Stanley, the founder of Shapton USA. With 40 years of experience flattening whetstones, they are redefining modern sharpening and lapping, and introducing innovations in diamond technology to existing tools and methods.

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