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King Hyper #1000 Knife Sharpening Stone



Material: Synthetic stone
Grit: 1000 (Medium)
Dimensions: 207 x 70 x 35 mm (8.1" x 2.7" x 1.3" ht)
Weight: 2.18 lbs (988g)
Type: Soaking

King Hyper 1000 is a soaking stone made by Matsunaga Corp. Most people will compare this to the ubiquitous King Deluxe 1000, being the same grit and manufactured by the same company. While both are soaking stones, the King Hyper wears somewhat more slowly than the Deluxe 1000 and has a more aggressive feeling to its cut, which is more noticeable when sharpening high alloy steels side by side with each stone; the Hyper cuts more effectively with less burnishing at the same relative pressure on steels such as R2, ZDP-189 and HAP40 compared to the Deluxe. The Hyper offers good contrast between hard and soft steels in clad knives with perhaps not quite as even, hazy finish as the Deluxe 1000.
This is the standard variant of King Hyper; Matsunaga also makes a soft variant which is much more friable and fast wearing.

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