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Miyagi Hitomebore Short Grain White Rice 5 kg (11 lbs)


Enjoy Hitomebore rice from one of Japan’s biggest rice-producing locations, Miyagi Prefecture. Its name means “love at first sight.” Outside of Japan, the Hitomebore rice variety is not widely known, but it is popular in Japan for its soft and smooth texture. Miyagi Hitomebore offers a unique and subtle sweetness that can easily be paired with any main dish, but you may come to discover just how delicious Miyagi Hitomebore is all by itself. Its soft and glossy appearance offers a sticky, yet smooth texture. When paired with traditional dishes like fried shrimp, croquettes, or steak, Miyagi Hitomebore offers the perfect balance between familiar and new.


• Ingredients: Short Grain White Rice (Hitomebore)
• 5kg (11 lbs)
• Country of Origin: Japan

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