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Ahjikan Takenoko Tosani Simmered Bamboo Shoots 35.2 oz (1kg)


Takenoko is the Japanese word for bamboo shoots and Tosani describes the taste of bonito and soy sauce. Tosa is former providence of Japan, presently known as Kochi prefecture, located Southwestern Shikoku Island. The region is famous for its delicious Katsuo (Bonito) and Katsuo-bushi (Bonito flakes.) Takenoko Tosani is ready to use delicious bamboo shoots cooked in soy sauce and bonito flakes. This product can be enjoyed as an appetizer, side dish or paired with sake or shochu.


• Ingredients: Bamboo Shoot, Soy Sauce(Soybean, Wheat, Water, Salt), Sugar, Bonito, Salt, Bonito Extract, Kelp Extract, Vinegar.
• Contains: Soy, Wheat, Fish (Bonito).
• 35.2 oz (1kg)
• Shelf Life: Approx. up to 150 days
• Manufacturer: Ahjikan
• Country of Origin: Japan


We import food products from Japan via sea, so the shelf life will be shorter than it is in the Japanese markets. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the freshness and quality of this product and that it will be delivered to you within any applicable expiration dates. Food products cannot be returned unless the expiration date is within 30 days when the item is delivered. If any food items in your order do not meet your expectations please contact us within 4 days after the receipt of your order. You can reach to us at home@mtckitchen.com or (201) 806-1827.

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