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Odawara Kamaboko Japanese Steamed Fish Cake Red Frozen 5.1 oz / 145g


Kamaboko, which dates back over 900 years, is a fish cake that is very commonly eaten in Japan. Odawara is a city in Kanagawa Prefecture that is renowned for its kamaboko production., it is referred to as “red” but it is actually more of pink color. The coloring does not affect the flavor. Traditionally, you’ll see it in celebratory dishes like Osechi during New Year’s but it is also used in everyday cuisine. Kamaboko can be enjoyed on its own, in Oden, or atop a bowl of noodles.
Odawara Suzutora Kamaboko is made with selected wild-caught fishes such as croakers, natural sea salt, and spring water from Hakone Tanzawa Mountains without any additives and preservatives.


• Manufacturer: Odawara Suzutora
• Ingredients: Croaker and/or Whiting, Water, Sugar, Sweet Rice Wine, Egg White, Salt, Potato Starch, Natural Flavor, Sake Lees, Sake Color Added
• Contains: Fish, Egg, Shrimp
• 5.1 oz / 145g
• Country of Origin: Japan

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