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Caddie AUS-8 Stain-Resistant Yanagi 210mm (8.2")



Style : Yanagi
Length : 210mm (8.2")
Weight : 8.8 oz
Blade Steel Type : AUS-8
Handle material : Durawood
HRC : 60
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
Cover : Not included

Blade & Handle

Since 1957, the Caddie series by Hokiyama has been an affordable, standard and basic knife perfect for home use. It was named after golf caddies in hopes that it would offer reliable support in the kitchen.
AUS-8 stainless steel is used for all Caddy - Classic series. With the addition of Molybdenum and Vanadium, the alloyed steel is capable of reaching 60 HRc while maintaining a very stable structure and good abrasion resistance, meaning edge will last longer than many comparable knives.

This Caddie Yanagi is made in the Tosa style, where double bevel knives are more prevalent than their single bevel counterparts. This Yanagi has a prominent, wide bevel on each side meant to facilitate sharpening over the course of time, which makes it a great choice for the cook looking to get into slicing sashimi and make maki rolls at home. The double-bevel edge means that the knife is much more robust than a typical Yanagi and is more easily sharpenable, though it will not quite reach the same level of sharpness as a true single bevel knife.

Yanagi Knife

Created for slicing raw fish, this yanagi is also ideal for carving cooked meat, thinly slicing vegetables or portioning terrines and pates.

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