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Sakon Ryuga Powdered Steel Nakiri 165mm (6.5") Polished



Style : Nakiri
Length : 165mm (6.5")
Weight : 6.56 oz
Blade Steel Type : SRS-15 Powdered Steel
Handle material : Compressed Wood
HRC : 64
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
Cover : Not included

Blade & Handle

The Ryuga series from Sakon brand was developed by Hokiyama Cutlery to respond to the growing demand for knives made with high speed powdered steel. After years of research and development, they finally released Ryuga. Hokiyama uses the highest quality of high speed powdered steel, which is clad between layers of soft steel.

Despite its simple look, the Ryuga line is a top quality line of knives that can be used for any purpose. While the spine is rather thick, the edge of the blade is made thin, so this knife is suitable for both rough and fine knife cuts and has excellent edge retention.

Nakiri Knife

This double-bevel edged Nakiri is traditionally used for slicing vegetables like the Usuba, but is intended more for the home cooks.

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