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Caddie AUS-8 Stain-Resistant Nakiri 160mm (6.3")



Style : Nakiri
Length : 160mm (6.3")
Weight : 7 oz
Blade Steel Type : AUS-8
Handle material : Durawood
HRC : 60
Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
Cover : Not included

Blade & Handle

Since 1957, the Caddie series by Hokiyama has been an affordable, standard and basic knife perfect for home use. It was named after golf caddies in hopes that it would offer reliable support in the kitchen.
AUS-8 stainless steel is used for all Caddy - Classic series. With the addition of Molybdenum and Vanadium, the alloyed steel is capable of reaching 60 HRc while maintaining a very stable structure and good abrasion resistance, meaning edge will last longer than many comparable knives.

Nakiri Knife

This double-bevel edged nakiri is traditionally used for slicing vegetables like the usuba, but is intended more for the home cooks.

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