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Ivory Bowl with Japanese-style Mortar (Suribachi) 30 fl oz / 7.44"dia


This stark-white bowl is nontraditional for Suribachi and its purity is considered aesthetically pleasing. A Suribachi and Surikogi may be used interchangeably with a Western mortar and pestle, though its light ridges on the inside make it perfect for pulverizing herbs and small seeds for sauces like pesto or sesame dressing.

This Suribachi bowl is also the perfect size for serving noodles, stews and donburi (Japanese style rice bowl).


• Material: Ceramic (Mino Style)
• Dimensions: 7.44"dia x 2.91"ht (18.9cm dia x 7.4cm ht)
• Capacity: 880 ml / 30 fl oz
• Weight: 1.61 lbs
Made in Japan

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