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Japanese Bar Tools for Your Beloved One

Maru-T Diamond Cut Bitters Bottle 90ml (3 oz)



• Material: Glass (Otsuka Glass) and stainless steel
• Dimensions: 2.75" dia x 5.7" ht (7cm dia x 14.5cm ht)
• Capacity: 90ml (3 oz)

Japanese bartenders and mixologists have been in the spotlight for the past few years, gaining recognition in world cocktail championships for their presentation, precision, professionalism, attention to detail, shaking techniques, and of course, high quality bar tools. Just as Japanese knives have become the preferred choice among many chefs and cooks around the world, Japanese bar tools have started to become the top choice for bartenders and mixologists worldwide.

The 矢来("ya-rai") pattern or diamond cut is not only aesthetically pleasing but provides a firmer hold because the glass will not slip in your hands. A must-have for top cocktail bars. This bitters bottle can also be used to serve spirits and liqueurs for tea or coffee.

Otsuka Glass is one of the leading manufacturers of glass in the Japanese restaurant industry and the Japanese bartenders refer to their bitters bottles as Maru-T.

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