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Frozen A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Thinly Sliced for Sukiyaki 16 oz


Wagyu simply means "Japanese-style beef" in Japanese, but it also points to the main four breeds of Japanese cattle that are prized for their exceptionally well-marbled meat. Miyazaki prefecture is the 2nd largest producer of Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese Black Cattle). To be qualified as Miyazakigyu, cattle must be born and raised in Miyazaki Prefecture and graded A4 and above. Miyazakigyu has gained the first prize of "the Prime Minister’s Award" for the “Wagyu Olympics” in 2007, 2012, and 2019 which was the first time in the history that a brand has been able to win for the third consecutive year.

Our company, New York Mutual Trading Co., LTD is an authorized Wagyu importer and distributor in the United States, and we are proud to offer the Award-Winning A5 Wagyu From Miyazaki at MTC Kitchen Home. Miyazaki Kuroge Wagyu are grown in a stress-free environment under the blessed nature of Miyazaki with delicate care without hormones and antibiotics. And that creates a mellow, rich taste, and will melt in your mouth.

Chuck eye roll is a cut from the muscle between the neck and shoulder blade. This package includes the finest A5 grade Miyazakigyu Chuck eye roll sliced ​​to a thickness of 2.0 mm.

Enjoy it with sautéing simply with salt, or with BBQ sauce over the rice. Also, these slices are great for a Sukiyaki Pot.


• Manufacturer: Miyachiku
• Ingredients: Chuck Roll (sliced to 2.0mm)
• Net Weight: 16 oz (1.0 lb) / 10 Slices
• Country of Origin: Miyazaki, Japan
• Shelf Life: Approx. up to 275 days in freezer

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