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Aokubi Daikon Japanese Radish Each Large Size


Aokubi daikon is the most common radish in Japan. Daikon resembles a large, plump white carrot and is high in Potassium and Vitamin C.
It is highly versatile when it comes to Japanese cuisine and can be consumed raw, cooked, or pickled. Shred and use in salads for crisp, crunchy texture and peppery bite. Toss thin slices into miso soup or braise thick chunks in classic dishes like Buta no Kakuni (braised pork belly).

Our fresh produce is sourced from Nagatoshi Farm in California. Their high-quality Japanese vegetables are harvested locally in California and Mexico. Each week vegetables are shipped to New York via air cargo ensuring a steady supply of freshly harvested produce.

  • Approximately 2.1LB - 3.0LB
  • Nagatoshi Farm

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