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Pichitto / Pichit Water Absorbing Sheet (15sheets)


  • Maximum Purchase Quantity is 10 pcs. The order with more than 10 pcs may be canceled.

These magical Pichitto/Pichit sheets are popular among professional kitchens in Japan because they absorb excess moisture from meat and seafood without draining the umami. Simply explained, between two layers of the odorless and nontoxic polyvinyl alcohol film, is mizuame sweetener that absorbs water and unwanted odor particles, and seaweed extract that retains the moisture. Use this for freezing, thawing or drying.


Material: Polyvinyl alcohol (odorless and nontoxic), mizuame sweetener & seaweed extract
Dimensions: 13 3/4" x 9 3/4" (35 cm x 25 cm)
15 sheets / box

* Pichitto sheets should NOT be cut or reused or else it will lose its moisture absorbing properties

Why to use Pichitto Sheets?

- Removes excess water when freezing meat or seafood and prevents unwanted odors as well as freezer burn.
- 70-80% of meat or seafood is composed of water, which means that once you freeze these items it greatly changes the construction of the cells, and when you thaw them, the umami also flushes away with the water (or drip). Thawing items with the pichitto sheet will prevent this because it absorbs only the water and not the umami.
- Can greatly improve the texture after you thaw meat or seafood because it keeps the cells in tact by efficiently removing excess moisture.
- Speeds up the marinating process because excess moisture is removed.
- You can dry/remove excess moisture of fish without the use of salt so it is great for healthy, low sodium cooking.

How to use Pichitto Sheets (in Japanese)

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