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Solar-powered Lucky Cat Maneki Neko 2.48" ht



This Handy Maneki Neko has a solar panel on their back. Once you place it in the bright area, Their left hands move like "Welcome, Welcome" which means in Japanese culture that the cats bring your business to be thriving and successfull. So this little cat would be able to help you.


Material: ABS resin
Dimensions: [Cat] 1.57" x 1.57" x 2.48" ht (4cm x 4cm x 6.3cm ht)
Weight: lbs
Color: White (SKU:88336), Black (SKU:88337)


• Please place it in a bright place where the light hits the solar panel.
• It does not move when placed on a slope. Please place it on a level place
• Do not place on an iron desk or shelf. The magnet inside is pulled by iron and it stops moving.

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