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Charcoal & Restaurant Grills

[NEW] Teruhime Koukaseki Yakitori Charcoal Konro Grill Small 17.7" x 5.5"


Teruhime is a kitchen equipment manufacturer and designer of Teppanyaki, pottery, utensils and other kitchen miscellany used for Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki, Yakitori and various other styles of Japanese restaurants. Japanese Mokutan Konro (Charcoal Stove) have been gaining traction in Western kitchens in a big way in recent years, being used as a neat, portable and affordable option for charcoal cookery in some of the top restaurants in the US and elsewhere. We're excited to bring you this fully stainless option alongside our standard fired clay grills.

Koukaseki (抗火石) meaning anti-fire stone, refers to igneous rock, usually rhyolitic, which is mined from the Izu Archipelago south of Tokyo. These grills are insulated with Rhyolite mined from Nii-jima which helps reflect the infrared heat of the charcoal directly up into the food being cooked.

These grills differ from our clay-based versions in that they come with iron bars, and is specifically designed for grilling skewered foods and does not have a cross wire mesh grill top. They also have a nested iron grate insert in the middle of the grill to lay charcoal on providing superior air flow and a means to clear the ash generated from the charcoal during grilling, providing a more efficient and clean grilling experience.


• Material: Stainless steel body, Koukaseki (Rhyolite) interior, Iron bars, Iron grate
• Dimensions:
  17.7" x 5.5" x 6.5" ht (45cm x 14cm x 16.5cm ht)
  16.1" x 3.9" (41cm × 10cm) of cooking surface area
• Weight: 20.3 lbs (9.2kg)

• The grill comes with white thermal insulating plates which are meant to be placed underneath the grill during usage to prevent burning or scorching of the surface underneath. If the grill is placed on metal, stone, brick or other such non-flammable material then it is unnecessary to use the insulating plates.

• Please keep in mind that burning charcoal will produce carbon monoxide so this grill should only be used in well ventilated kitchens and areas.

Cast Iron Fire Starter Pot

To ignite the charcoal, it is recommended to use Cast Iron Fire Starter Pot on the gas stovetop. (Please do not use it on portable butane stoves.)

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