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All-Natural Ogatan Charcoal Briquettes 23 LB - Benzai


  • Maximum Purchase Quantity is 3 cases. The order with more than 3 cases may be canceled.

Our All-natural Ogatan Charcoal Briquettes are made from the sawdust of fruit-trees in Southeast Asia which are pressed into a hexagonal-shaped briquette with a hollow center. The hollow inside allows for steady airflow and the hexagonal shape allows the charcoal to be stacked neatly for more efficient burning. Ogatan Charcoal can be used on its own or mixed with other charcoal like Binchotan to help the ignition process or with hardwood lump charcoal to add flavor. Ogatan charcoal on its own releases minimal smoke and reaches high temperatures which can burn for hours. A popular choice for many top restaurants, (especially yakitori) in Japan and North America.

About Ogatan

Ogatan is first placed in a nearly shut kiln and put through a dehydration process to remove water from the raw lumber. Then, during the carbonization stage, the kiln is slightly opened to allow temperatures to rise to 2,400°F (1,315°C.) Once the impurities have burned off and the smoke has faded, the kiln is then completely sealed shut to finish the burning process. This technique follows the same process as Binchotan manufacturing. The Ogatan is left in the shut kiln for a few days and taken out to be dredged through an extinguishing powder composed of ash, earth and sand to finish the cool-down process. This step gives the charcoal its white shimmer and is also the reason why Binchotan is known as "White Charcoal."

There are several reasons why Ogatan is preferred to regular black charcoal:
1. Affordable and high value charcoal with Binchotan-like qualities.
2. Made from sustainable all-natural fruit-tree wood (no toxins are chemicals are added or released.)
3. Produces little to no smoke and no odor as impurities are already burned off during the carbonization process.
4. Easier to ignite compared to Binchotan.
5. Stays lit for longer than regular charcoal.
6. High Radiant Heat Value. The far infrared rays (and high temperature) that the Binchotan emits leads to faster cooking (reaches deep inside) and the lack of flames mean that drippings will not ignite but rather smoke when they come into contact with the coals, leading to that characteristic grilled flavor.
7. Easily reaches 1832°F (1000°C) when fanned.
8. Adds a subtle and naturally charred characteristic to the food.
9. Briquettes can be extinguished and reused for later use.


• Material: Myrtaceae tree wood (Sawdust pressed into briquettes.)
• Burning time:3-4 hours for single use or feed every 2 hours for long cooking sessions
• Weight: 23 LB (total)
• Dimensions: Approximately 7"-9" length, 2" Dia
• Made in Indonesia

Lighting the charcoal

It's best to light the charcoal in a fire starter pot or otherwise over a direct open flame. Off-gassing is most prevalent with charcoal during its ignition there will be open flame, so it's best not to cook food at this stage to avoid burnt and acrid flavors. Ensuring that the charcoal is completely lit before cooking with it will give the best results.


If you wish to re-use the charcoal, it's important to extinguish it safely and effectively following use. Smothering in a fire-proof container is the best option, as you want to remove the source of oxygen to stop the combustion. Please don't douse the coals in water or other liquids as this will saturate the charcoal and you will need to dry it fully before re-lighting.

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